Radiant Fitness

Mark Leisinger, Co-owner Radiant Fitness

 Mark is a thirty year veteran of the health and fitness industry. He recently finished a twenty - five year tenure as General Manager at the San Diego Athletic Club. He is certified in personal training and pilates. Mark has completed over 100 marathons and ultra marathons. Contact Mark to set up your personal fitness goals.His hobbies include cycling, hiking or running on any of the scenic San Diego County area trails!

 http://radiantfitness.net/     619-865-9903

Yumiko Asamizu, Co-owner Radiant Fitness

Yumiko has well over twenty years in the fitness field. She is certified in yoga, pilates and personal training. If you want to try Pilates, contact Yumi for a free intro session!  Her hobbies include healthy cooking, swimming and jogging on the beach. Her favorite down time activity is spending time in her home town of Hakodate, Japan and visiting the numerous beautiful hot springs in her native country!

http://radiantfitness.net    619-807-3814

Our Mission is to deliver a holistic approach to health and fitness in a warm and vibrant setting.